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rainy eyes
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i hate it when ebay auctions are not "buy it now".

tomorrow i photograph my first wedding.
i am excited, but mostly nervous... nervous about being on top of everything that is going on, having my camera settings correct to all various lighting conditions and being ready to shoot shoot shoot....
i am mostly nervous i will miss something or screw something up that i won't be able to re-shoot.

oh well, it'll be fun. chicago on tuesday!!!

my pillow still smells like my cottage. sigh.

omg. lykke li twice in a row in chicago?!??! i dont know if i can handle it! i am so excited i am pacing around my room anxiously.

ugh. i am tired lately.
i am starting to feel addicted to money.

today we are making...

curried turkey burgers, taziki sauce, spiced pita chips, hommous (it is so good from scratch!), tabouli, sichuan noodles, lemon chicken skewers, spicy beef with peanuts and chilies, brownies with mexican inspired spices, and grilled pizza with pesto mushrooms and chicken.


i need to feel what chicago makes me feel.

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after today i will have eaten:

calzones, green bean parm, risotto, chicken parmigiana, chicken quesadillas with black bean & corn salsa, oven fries, lunguine with shrimp scampi, mixed greens salad with mustard herb dressing, home made mac and cheese, chocolate chip cookies, crushed fresh herb rack of lamb with potato leek gratin and roasted garlic sauce, tiramisu parfaits... and probably more, all at mirepoix cooking school.

right now the kids are making the tiramisu parfaits, they are so adorable with their pastry bags and delicious looking parfaits!

just another day in the life of rachel marie.

brandon watched me unload, wash, and fold almost every piece of clothing i own.
he literally just stretched out on my bed and just watched.
it took hours. i wanted to eliminate most of the unworn clothes that inhabit all of my closet/dresser space.
which its funny because i do not wear most of it... yet i have such a hard time packing it away because i think hmm maybe ill need that to piece together with something else.
now i am watching my cat parade around the piles of clothes everywhere.
he loves the feeling of different fabrics on his paws. he's so strange. i love him so.

Driving around northville. It is so pretty... victorian style houses all around. And its soooo hilly. I want to live here.

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